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STAGES - Frequently Asked Questions

The web version is a “lightweight” version – as the name implies it runs in a web browser and because of this it has some limitations:

  • only one Matterport walkthrough per stage can be added
  • other component formats such as .ifc, .fbx, .obj, .pdf are not supported
  • certain tools, available in the desktop version, are not possible to use in the web version
  • This version is great for jumping between Matterport scans of the same facility and is being used by 90% of the STAGES users

In order to start the synchronization process, one of the stages must be manually marked as synchronized. In this way, we create something like a reference (or reference) stage. It is a required step to synchronize all other subsequent stages to this one, which is marked at the beginning.

  • These tools are only usable when working on 3D geometry files – .fbx, .obj or so-called Matterpaks formats. This mentioned tools do not work when displaying Matterport 360 panoramas in the 3D walk.


Yes, of course. You can download installers for both Windows and macOS versions from our site. The web version works under the Safari browser.

This is a macOS security issue. We suggest you use the following instructions:

After downloading the installer, move it to the “Applications” directory. Then:

  • Find the app you want to open in the Finder on your Mac
  • Don’t use Launchpad to find this application
  • Click on the app’s icon while holding down the Control key, then choose Open from the pop-up menu
  • Click Open

This application is saved as an exception to your security settings, and from then on, you can open it with a double-click – just like any registered application.

Note: Another way to create an exception for a blocked app is to click the Open Anyway button, located in the General pane of the Protection and Privacy preferences. This button is available for about an hour after you try to open the app in question.

To change these preferences on a Mac, choose Apple menu command > System Preferences, click on Protection and Privacy , and then click on General.

As much as possible. In the desktop version you can add multiple files – it can be various 3D geometry file formats or Matterport walks.

In principle, yes, but due to certain selected functionalities, we recommend using the Chrome browser

Yes. A Free subscription plan is available, which is free of charge. However, please note that this plan has some functional limitations.

The speed of loading images depends on both the size of the scanned object and the bandwidth of the connection. If you will be dealing with a large scale of the building, or a poor internet connection – the images may load slower.

To delete your account with Stages contact us through the form located at Remember that deleting your account means deleting all your data, Stages projects, and other information.

No. Stages does not have an app for mobile devices. Nevertheless, you can use Stages on mobile devices – all you need is a web browser and your login.

It’s not a disaster yet. Go to and there click on the “Forgot password?” link. In the next window, enter your email address you used to create your Stages account.

Log in to Stages. On the screen that appears after logging in, click the “change” key in the “My profile” section and follow the process.

Once you have finished working on a particular project, you can keep it in your organization. Once a project is archived, you can no longer edit it in any way, but you can access it in viewing mode. You still have a view of all added components and notes. Timeline and Compare view functions work. Regardless of the subscription plan, the number of archived projects in your organization is unlimited, and you can access them indefinitely. You can always restore a project to its full version if you need to update it. The condition is that you need a free project slot in your subscription plan.

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